Fortis Tugs Bless New Tugboats

Present at the blessing of new tug boats are Mr. Ricky P. Victoria, VP for Ship Management, Mr. Enrico D. Peralta, Security Manager, Capt. Mark Lobete, Marine Superintendent, Capt. Welson M, Amparo, Operations and Technical Officer for Fortis Tugs, Mr. George Guerrero, OIC for Chelsea Marine Manpower and Resources, Inc., together with Chelsea Employees and Crew 


 Last 15 February 2017, Chelsea Shipping Group bless its new tugboats namely M/Tug Fortis III (formerly M/Tug Joy 98) and M/Tug Fortis V) at Phoenix Petroterminals & Industrial Park. The ceremony was headed and joined by Chelsea Shipping Corp.'s VP for Ship Management, Mr. Ricky P. Victoria and Chelsea Employees and crew.

The additional tug boats will make and ensure the safety of the vessels especially the crew during berthing and unberthing.