Chelsea Shipping Corp. & officers and employees celebrated the Company's 10th Anniversary on  July 22, 2016. The Chelsea Management Team,  led by President and CEO Dennis A. Uy, includes VP for Finance Ignacia S. Braga IV,  AVP for Chartering and Synergy Group Athelle Beverly Diamond Feliciano, AVP for Chelsea Ship Management Capt. Asher Marino Kasala, Chief Operating Officer Chryss Alfonsus V. Damuy,  AVP for Business  Development and Corporate Affairs Atty. Ma. Henedina V. San Juan and General Manager for Crewing Ricky Victoria. Also in the photo is Phoenix COO Romeo de Guzman. 

Chelsea Shipping Corp. (CSC) had its humble beginnings on July 17, 2006. The Company’s goal then was to serve the requirements of its affiliate, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc., formerly Davao Oil Terminal and Services Corporation (DOTSCO). 

Under the stewardship of its founding Directors, Dennis A. Uy, Domingo T. Uy, Cherylyn C. Uy, and fellow incorporators Maceste W. Uy and Debbie A. Uy, the Company attained respectability in the petroleum hauling industry as a dependable ship owner managing and operating a fleet of tankers and barges.

In July 2006, M/T Ernesto Uno was chartered from Michael, Inc.  and served as the first vessel operated by CSC.  In November 2006, M/T  Sarangani Bay was acquired by CSC and renamed M/T Chelsea Denise. This vessel began its commercial operations on 14 February 2007.

On September 12, 2007, CSC signed a contract with Wenlin Tianyn Ship Charting Co. Ltd. for the construction of new vessel which was later named M/T Chelsea Cherylyn. After two years of construction, vessel was delivered and commenced operations on July 29, 2009. In December 2007, the next vessel M/T Cassiopeia was acquired and renamed M/T Chelsea Enterprise, the first double-hulled / double-bottomed vessel of the Company.

In January 2008, M/T Libra Gale was acquired and renamed M/T Chelsea Excellence.  She was later renamed as M/T  Vela when hired by  Islas Tankers under a bareboat charter contract.  Three (3)  months after, M/T  Transcarrier was acquired, converted into a double-hulled vessel, lengthened, and  renamed M/T Chelsea Intrepid.

On March 1, 2008, CSC acquired the Company Bunkers Manila Inc. which owned two (2) vessels: M/T BMI Patricia and M/T BMI Angelita. 

In August  2008, M/T MIS-1 was acquired and renamed M/T Chelsea Resolute. On the same year, CSC purchased the Company Michael, Inc. and its fleet of seven vessels: M/T Ernesto Uno, M/T  Jasaan, M/TArgina, M/T Oil Carrier, M/T St. Augustine, M/T SSS  57G, and M/T Alexia. Subsequently, CSC  disposed of these vessels with the exception of M/T Ernesto Uno and M/T Jasaan.

In January 2009, CSC became fully compliant with the MARINA’s double-hull requirement for all vessels carrying black crude oil.

In  August  2011, CSC acquired a brand new 14,000 DWT tanker and named it M/T Chelsea Thelma, the largest registered tanker in the Philippines.  On 2 February 2012, PNX-Chelsea Shipping Corp. (PNX-CSC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSC was incorporated. PNX-CSC subsequently acquired a brand new 14,000 DWT oil tanker and named it M/T Chelsea Donatela, a sister ship of M/T Chelsea Thelma.

Another wholly-owned subsidiary of CSC,  Fortis Tugs Corporation (FTC) was incorporated on April 8, 2013.  FTC which commenced commercial operations in November 2013,  has  acquired M/Tug Fortis I and M/Tug Fortis II for its operations at the Batangas Bay.  In 2016, the Company acquired M/Tug Joy 98 which will be renamed as M/Tug Fortis III.

In September 2014, PNX - CSC acquired a brand new 4,000 DWT oil tanker and named M/T Chelsea Denise II.

This year, CSC added three more new vessels to its fleet, namely:  M/T  Jamie Faith (renamed M/T Chelsea Charlize); M/T Ipsilantis (renamed as M/T Chelsea Endurance); and M/T Saturn (to be renamed as M/T Chelsea Dominance).

Today, Chelsea Shipping Corp. ranks as the third highest gross tonnage among shipping companies in the Philippines with a fleet of fifteen (15) vessels operating throughout the Philippines and in Southeast Asia region.

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